Orthopedic Sports Massage Continuing Education
Named by Massage Magazine as one of the most influential massage therapists in the last 100 years, Benny Vaughn brings over 40 years of focused expertise in soft-tissue manual therapy to his teaching. Registration is now open for 2018 courses.

The Benny Vaughn System is designed to minimize time and maximize results with clients in your massage therapy practice. Courses are designed around a unique, strategic model that will have massage therapists thinking outside the box.  The techniques are based on verifiable science and include the latest on how to integrate fascial anatomy into your practice.

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All courses are taught by Benny Vaughn, an approved provider for the State of Texas, for Continuing Education credit.

Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment Strategies - comprehensive two-day courses offering in-depth analysis of common orthopedic assessment and treatment strategies.

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Benny Vaughn is an approved provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the State of Texas for Continuing Education credit.

For four decades, Benny Vaughn has set the standard in the United States for Orthopedic Sports Massage, both in the clinic and in the classroom. All classes are taught by Benny and are held at the Benny Vaughn Athletic Therapy Center in Fort Worth, TX.

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The Benny Vaughn Athletic Therapy Center provides massage therapy services in orthopedic, sports and general relaxation massage. Our location features state-of-the-art athletic therapy services and equipment used by Olympic, college and professional athletes for recovery and maintenance.

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