Minimize time and maximize results
with clients in your massage therapy practice
with the Benny Vaughn System.

Orthopedic Sports Massage - The Benny Vaughn System

The Benny Vaughn System is a whole body approach to massage therapy that allows massage therapists to identify challenges and design a specific strategy for reliable results with clients. This educational approach also includes information on situations that are outside the massage therapist scope of practice and how to identify when a referral is necessary. One of best kept secrets of this approach is the ability to ask the right questions when taking a client history. The techniques have evolved during Benny’s over 40 years of practice with Olympic athletes, professional athletes and other active adults.

Whole Person Approach

After learning from Benny Vaughn, massage therapists will be able to integrate fascial anatomy and musculoskeletal anatomy.  Students will leave with a comprehensive view of the body and will understand where pain and restricted movement challenges originate. This is a whole person approach and treats more than just the affected body part.



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The Benny Vaughn Athletic Therapy Center provides massage therapy services in orthopedic, sports and general relaxation massage. Our location features state-of-the-art athletic therapy services and equipment used by Olympic, college and professional athletes for recovery and maintenance.